Best Ruby on Rails Websites in 2017

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Ruby was founded by Yukihiro Matsumuto in the mid-1990s. Ruby was flexible and easier to use compared to other programming languages like Perl and Python. However, the rise of Ruby was in 2004 when Rails framework became the essential for Ruby programming language. Most of the tech startups are using Ruby language for their websites and applications.

These are some of the websites developed using Ruby on Rails


JavaScript is widely used around the globe. Ruby is the 12th most used programming language in the world according the Tiobe Index.  Despite the ranking, the demand for Ruby developers are high today.

According to, the average salary for a Ruby developer is between $47,596 – $122,990. However, it depends on the experience as well. We are publishing remote job opportunities for Ruby developers here in Freelancewave.

As there are a lot of people searching for the top ruby blogs to read, we came up with the top Ruby websites in 2017.  Let’s move on to the list of websites and blogs. Blog provides software solutions for businesses. Although they are service based company, their blog offers great deal of guides, tutorials and articles related to Ruby on Rails programming language.


Twitter: @netguru

Facebook: @netguru

If you want to stay updated with the current trends on Ruby on Rails, make sure to bookmark this website. offers huge number of guides and latest updates with the programming language.


Twitter: @rails



Community website for Ruby on Rails developer. There are many useful blog posts, tutorials and guides shared on this website. Great website for beginners to learn from experienced developers.


Twitter: @rubyflow


Sandi Metz Blog

This is the personal blog of Sandi Metz. The author of Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby which is one of the must-read book if you’re looking to jump into Ruby on Rails programming. There are a lot of things you can learn from her personal blog.


Twitter: @sandimetz



If you want to minimize your time looking for the best plugins, gems and tutorials related to ruby on Rails, EverydayRails should be your destination. The blog was started by Aaron Sumner who has more than 10 years of experience with web development. He started this blog to help struggling developers to get solutions they are looking for.


Twitter: @everydayrails



If you serious about Ruby on Rails and looking to leverage your knowledge, make sure to check out Blackbytes. The articles published on this website will help beginners to enhance their skills and get to the next level. This website was founded by Jesus Castello with the mission to help developers improve their Ruby programming language skills.


Twitter: @matugm


Ruby Rogues

Are you bored reading articles and guides? Ruby Rogues produce weekly podcast on Ruby on Rails related topics. If you’re too tired reading articles maybe you should start listening to these podcasts.


Twitter: @rubyrogues



If you’re serious about improving your Ruby on Rails skills, make sure to read DevBlast blog. If you’re just starting off, Thibault the author of this blog will guide you through the whole process of becoming a good developer.


Twitter: @T_Dnzt


Go Rails

Learning through visualization is the fastest method to adapt or learning something. With just a small fees of $19/month Go Rails offers screencast on problems encountered in Ruby on Rails and solve those problems with aspiring developers. The founder, Chris is one awesome guy who will always be there to solve your Ruby problems.


Twitter: @gorails


A Fresh Cup

A software development blog related to Ruby on Rails created by Mike Gunderloy. He often shares latest trends and news related to Ruby on Rails around the web. Bookmark this blog and stay updated with current happening within the software development world.


Twitter: @MikeG1


The Ruby Tool Box

If you need all the latest tools to make your Ruby on Rails development easier, you should bookmark The Ruby Tool Box website. They often provide latest news, announcements, tools and gems for Ruby developers.


Twitter: @rubytoolbox

Make sure to take a look at these top 10 Ruby on Rails websites. Are there any other Ruby websites you’ve read before and found it valuable, please share with us by commenting below.

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