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Remote and Freelance Jobs for 23rd August 2017

Written by Naven

Howdy Freelance Waver readers,

Firstly, we are extremely sorry to skip on last week’s remote and freelance jobs round-up. Did you manage to get any remote jobs or freelancing gigs? If you’re still struggling just don’t give up and keep hustling. It’s just a part of your entrepreneurial journey.

If you missed out our first week’s remote and freelance jobs, check it out here:

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Let’s move on to this week’s remote and freelance jobs:

Remote and Freelance Developer / Engineer Jobs


Senior Software Engineer at General Assembly 

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: General Assembly looking for a talented & creative engineer to join their infrastructure team, and help build the tooling and systems.
  • Skills/Experience: 3-5 years as a senior level engineer or higher, advanced experience building distributed systems that interface in async and synchronous manners, experience working with a variety of languages, with a strong grasp of their pros & cons, AWS experience with the core feature set (EC2, RDS, EBS, CFN, IAM, VPC, ECS), Intimate knowledge of Configuration Management systems like Chef, Ansible or Puppet, and a DevOps mentality, and familiar with how to orchestrate multi-system deployments in a fault tolerant fashion.


Experienced React/Redux Developer at Blue Orange Digital

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: Blue Orange Digital is looking for an awesome React/Redux Developer to help them build their web application.
  • Skills/Experience: Write clean code, is comfortable with Webpack, thinks in PostCSS and loves well-written async requests, and must be either familiar with/or interested in working with GraphQL since it’s baked right into the React.

Senior Software Developer – Backend at

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: is looking for an experienced full-time developer to join our core team who has a strong understanding of web technologies
  • Skills/Experience: Have 5+ years experience building modern back-end systems using Python, Redis, Elasticsearch, Postgres, and MongoDB or similar databases, have significant experience designing, scaling, debugging, and optimizing systems to make them fast and reliable, care a lot about code quality and maintainability, be comfortable in a fast-paced environment with a small and talented team; able to take larger projects and run with them mostly on your own, be able to work well in a remote / distributed team environment, manage your time well, and have strong verbal and written English communication skills.

AWS Engineer at Waggl

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: Waggl is looking for an experienced AWS Engineer to join our growing team.
  • Skills/Experience: At least 2 years of AWS experience working with their core technologies such as AMI, EC2, ELB and VPC, team player, experience with AWS security features such as VPC Peering, Security Groups, IAM XML, Subnetting, IGW, ability to write scripts using the AWS CLI and familiarity with cloud security concepts.

Senior Ruby on Rails Developer at Machinio

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: Machinio is seeking for inquisitive, self-motivated developers to join their team and work remotely.
  • Skills/Experience: Help us solve problems in full-text search, domain specific search optimization, large scale email alert delivery and optimization, custom CRM solutions and everything that makes our customers happy.

Senior Operations Engineer at Mozila

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: Mozilla’s Services Operations Team is looking for an ambitious Operations Engineer.
  • Skills/Experience: Have solid scripting knowledge (shell, Python, JS) , some development background with Python, JS, or Go highly preferred., configuration management and orchestration experience. Puppet experience is a plus, experience working with a cloud infrastructure. AWS experience a plus and monitoring/metrics experience, including plug-in/check script writing and modification.


Senior Ruby on Rails Developer at Conferize

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: Conferize is a fast growing startup, building an awesome product. They are looking for Ruby on Rails developers to help shape and take part in the process.
  • Skills/Experience: At least 5 years of proven Ruby on Rails experience. Either professional, personal projects or open source, strong understanding of both SQL and NoSQL (MongoDB) database fundamentals, a good understanding of UNIX and shell scripting. You know your way around Linux, and you prefer solid long-term solutions rather than quick fixes and hacks.


Senior Front-End Engineer  at Packlane

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: The engineer we’re looking for will be excited to work with a start-up that’s pioneering a new approach to designing and manufacturing packaging.
  • Skills/Experience: Senior level experience with CSS and JavaScript. You’ve built big projects in production and used both CSS and JavaScript (ECMAScript 2015 and 2016) in anger, an easy-to-work-with attitude, well-organized and highly self-motivated, Accountable. Dependable. And all the other good -ables. You know what they are, great communication and collaboration skills, strong work ethic and a healthy obsession with learning new things, and familiarity with Git, NPM/Yarn, and Chrome DevTools.

Front-End Web Developer at SavvyApps

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: Savvy Apps is a top app agency located just outside of Washington, D.C. Looking for front-end web developer.
  • Skills/Experience: You are required to work with tools ranging from Zeplin to Pivotal Tracker, you should enjoy the specialization of your crafts, you’ll collaborate with team members from the product, UX, and visual design groups to create clear mockups and spiffy user interfaces, and to complement our own work, we use modern web frameworks to speed development and create clean, maintainable, and testable code.


Ruby on Rails Developer at Silverfin

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: SilverFin is looking for somebody who’s really great at developing in Ruby, and in Ruby on Rails.
  • Skills/Experience: You need to be experienced in both Ruby and Rails, and also know where the boundaries lie between them, you need to be able to code in Ruby without any of Rails’ training wheels, you don’t shy away from mentoring juniors or giving in-depth feedback during code reviews, your code with reason, and can justify the important decisions you made during development, you know and apply best practices. That means the usual like version control, testing, and refactoring; but also good object oriented design, SOLID, and you’ve got opinions on code design and you can defend them, but you’re professional enough to not let those opinions get in the way of a consensus if necessary.



Android Developer IoT at

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: Our mobile team is expanding and we are seeking a talented Senior Android Developer to become part of Purepoint.
  • Skills/Experience: Be eligible to live and work in the UK (We don’t sponsor Visas), 4+ years Android experience working on commercial projects, experience working in an Agile team and working harmoniously with others, exceptional written and spoken English, experience working with APIs, competent at using Gita, ability to navigate, understand, and reuse large existing code bases, experience working with complex server-side design, used tools such as Jira and Trello, experience with MVP and dependency injection using Dagger 2, and working knowledge of RxJava 2.


Contract Web Developer at Barrenly

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: Barrenlyis looking for candidates who have at least 1-3 years of professional experience in web development and has worked on cross-functional teams.
  • Skills/Experience: A fluent knowledge of best practices for coding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for modern browsers, a working knowledge of how the internet and HTTP works, experience developing custom back-end solutions for CMS platforms including Drupal and WordPress, knowledge of modern development workflow tools like Grunt or Gulp, experience using Git for version tracking and collaboration with other developers, experience implementing custom analytics event tracking using Google Analytics and/or Google Tag Manager, expertise in developing mobile-first and/or responsive websites that function beautifully on mobile devices, understanding of AJAX and experience with the integration of third-party REST-style APIs, an understanding of current SEO best practices, a working knowledge of performance optimization strategies and their importance (such as caching, asset minification/concatenation, CDNs, etc.), experience with the full LAMP stack, experience with Docker/containers a plus, experience automating deployments, continuous integration, and working with pipelines, and ability to troubleshoot and fix problems with systems on web servers and browsers.


Senior Full-Stack Developer at Reactiv Studios

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: Reaktiv Studios is on the lookout for a senior-level developer to join us in building and maintaining bespoke WordPress solutions.
  • Skills/Experience: You have advanced proficiency in PHP and JavaScript, you have proficiency in SQL, HTML5, CSS and CSS pre-processors, you must be able to show us examples of your work that reflect your expertise in these areas, you have exemplary written communication skills, whether you’re writing to a peer developer or directly to a client, you create robust, well-designed and maintainable software, you are able to iterate and ship quickly, you have a strong desire to learn and improve your skills, particularly with your workflow and modern JavaScript, and you are familiar with Git or similar version control tools and automated deployment workflows.


Rails Engineer at

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: is looking for Rails engineers who can work with Rails, Postgresql and Redis on the backend, and the savior that is Ember.js in front-end.
  • Skills/Experience: Enjoy helping others around you grow as developers and be successful, can be autonomous and self-driven, build software for fun, and Web APIs are your friends.

Software Engineers at The Sensible Code Company

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: The Sensible Company makes products that turn messy data into valuable information. They are looking for talented software engineers to join their team.
  • Skills/Experience: Want to build successful, high-quality products, care about customer experience, like communicating with technical and non-technical people.



Remote and Freelance Blogging / Writing Jobs


Content Crafter at Qauderno

  • Job Type: Freelance
  • Job description: Content is a primary growth channel for Quaderno and is one of the main ways people know about us. They need someone to take over that component.
  • Skills/Experience: Extensive writing experience preferably focused on business-related content, excellent written communication skills in English, great communicator and a team player, and a solution-oriented person who enjoys making people happy.

Social Media Blogger at Jumping Elephants

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: This job is a content creator at Jumping Elephants, both in the Social Media sense and with blogging
  • Skills/Experience: A background in marketing, advertising, or some English or journalism degree, this job is so heavily based on writing, the candidate must be completely fluent in English. No exceptions must be able to write in a number of different tones to work for different clients and brands. (The current client is very cheerful and fun and silly but extremely entrepreneurial and professional. Many other clients are more corporate), 2+ years’ experience content writing for different clients with vastly different brands, experience with image creation for feature images (Canva is just fine)and must be a freelance writer and willing to work under the Jumping Elephant umbrella for JE clients (a contract and non-disclosure will be signed).

Remote and Freelance Customer Support & Marketing Jobs

Senior Product Manager at Tesera

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: Tesera require a uniquely talented and self-motivated Senior Product Manager to join their team.
  • Skills/Experience: Direct responsibility for managing a technology product through development and go to market, an understanding of agile project management approaches and methodologies, a conceptual understanding of cloud based software solutions, (AWS knowledge or certification, experience mentoring other product managers, experience working with an entirely remote team, knowledge of internet applications, data applications, and consulting services, and direct experience delivering a software as a service product to market.


Digital Marketing at Digital Trax

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: Digital Trax, delivers digital marketing solutions for e-commerce and SaaS companies. They are looking for an experienced Digital Marketing Project Manager.
  • Skills/Experience: 2 years of experience in Project Management within a digital capacity, in-depth knowledge of the technologies and processes involved in digital project delivery within an agency environment, advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, experience with project management tools used for task/time/resource management, experience working on web builds, marketing campaigns etc. would be a plus, high level of attention to detail, possesses strong interpersonal skills, particularly influencing and listening skills, confident and articulate presenter to all management levels and self-motivated with high levels of energy.


Customer Support Specialist at DealDash

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: Do you want to join an established e-commerce company If you’re based in CANADA and interested in remote work, then we are looking for you! Join Deal Dash
  • Skills/Experience: Advanced computer skills, fluent professional English proficiency, type a minimum of 50 words per minute. (Test yourself online if unsure!), excellent written and spoken communication skills, willingness to help our customers and provide them with a personal experience, ability to continuously develop and adapt to a growing team, and hold yourself to high ethical standards.

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