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Remote and Freelance Jobs for 6th August 2017

Written by Naven

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Let’s move on to the latest remote and freelance jobs for 6th August 2017:

Remote and Freelance Developer / Engineer Jobs


DevOps Lead Engineer at Modern Tribe

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: Modern Tribe is looking to add a seasoned DevOps Lead Engineer to our team for a 10 hour per week contract.
  • Skills/Experience: Experience deploying and scaling PHP based applications, proficiency using AWS services and tools, some experience doing Back End development where you’re, able to read code and understand what’s going on, and specifically what it means to make back end code perform well (caching, etc), and have the ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and tools.


Senior Mobile Product Manager at Whitespectre

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: Whitespectre seeking another Senior Product Manager to drive development on top-priority projects as well as play a key role in their US-client relationships.
  • Skills/Experience: Strong passion for building a great user experience, mobile or otherwise, excellent verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to craft high-level strategy presentations as well as deliver projects updates for an executive audience, experience with analytics platforms such as Google Analytics or Mixpanel and enough experience with data analysis to know how to track KPIs and what questions to ask, at least 3+ years in a Product Management role, working daily with a development team, and 5+ years working specifically with native mobile apps.

Ember Front End Developer at TicketSolve

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: TicketSolve looking to hire new people to join their team. This person should be able to contribute across the entire development stack.
  • Skills/Experience: 3 to 5 years experience developing web applications, experience with programming languages Ruby and JavaScript preferred but good programmers always welcomed, strong understanding of front-end technologies: JavaScript, HTML5, SASS, Ember preferred, strong programming skills with focus on clean design, well-refactored code, and automated testing, and related to remote working a working knowledge of English is required.

Lead UI/UX Web Developer at Appointlet

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: Appointlet is looking for an awesome lead UI/UX web developer to join their small (but growing!) team and lead the development of a new iteration of their front-end app.
  • Skills/Experience: Comfortable with the techniques and frameworks used to build, test and deploy modern front-end web applications, self-driven, able to stay productive with low supervision, excellent English was written/verbal communication skills, and competent with analytics software and how to use them to improve your UI.

Full-Stack Software Engineer at Doximity

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: Doximity is looking for someone with a strong track record of putting Rails to work and bringing products to life.
  • Skills/Experience: You have at least 5 years of professional experience developing software using Ruby, Rails, and Javascript, ability to mentor other software engineers and work directly with product managers to deliver solid software solutions, you’re a software engineer who thrives on applying their knowledge and learning new technologies, you have experience writing automated tests in Ruby and Javascript and experienced with web infrastructure, distributed systems, and/or performance analysis.

Full Stack PHP Developer at Viddler

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: The Full Stack Developer at Viddler must be motivated to explore new technologies and take on a lead technical role within the team.
  • Skills/Experience: Expert knowledge of object-oriented PHP, PHP web frameworks. (Laravel), understanding of MVC design patterns, restful API design, unit testing (PHPUnit), Relational Databases (MySQL), excellent knowledge of version control and deployment tools (Git, Ansible playbooks, Capistrano), Javascript – jQuery, React, basic CSS knowledge, experience and understanding of deployment technologies, source control, and enterprise web application server architecture, and comfortable working within the Linux command line.

Full Stack Developer at Posirank

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: If you are an experienced developer based in Eastern Europe and would like a full-time job working from home, this could be your opportunity to work with Posirank.
  • Skills/Experience: Back-end experience that includes: PHP, MVC, OOP, MySQL, SSH, Linux, custom API development, user management, Payment Processing (PayPal, Authorize.Net), and Version Control & Code Repositories (SVN, Git, Mercurial). Front-End Experience: UI, UX, PHP, HTML5, JS, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap 3, Responsive Design, and Photoshop (or Similar).

Senior Software Engineer at Tethr

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: Tethr is the first Communications Intelligence platform that listens to, accurately transcribes and analyzes phone conversations in real-time, giving you searchable, actionable insights. They are currently looking for a senior software engineer.
  • Skills/Experience: 8+ years of experience, experience with software design and architecture involving medium to large scale, high-throughput distributed systems, experience with front-end technologies: JavaScript/TypeScript, Angular JS, CSS 3, Redux, HTML5, experience with back-end technologies: Net, C#, Azure, message bus, Lucene search engines, document databases, REST API design, experience with public cloud services (Azure, AWS), knowledge of software design patterns, OOP, SOLID, Functional Programming, experience with code versioning tools, Git, SVN, Mercurial, and experience with concurrent / multi-threaded patterns.

Back-End Developer (Ruby) at Territory Food

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: Terriotary Food needs help from a back-end developer (Ruby) to help them do what they do better by building intuitive systems that solve real problems.
  • Skills/Experience: You’re comfortable with Ruby and Rails; most of our codebase is here today, you’re familiar with client-side tech, enough to collaborate on designing the best way forward with front-end devs and designers. We use a lot of ReactJS around here, Heroku: You should know how to deploy + maintain apps; when to scale resources (workers + add-ons),  and Experience in integration: GitHub branching/PRs, automated testing, Semaphore CI, whatever it takes to ship often, reliably, and confidently. We use a combo of Rspec, Capybara, and Teaspoon/Jasmine for testing.

Senior Full-Stack Engineer at Parabola

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: PARABOLA enables cross-functional collaboration and clarity by syncing teams in a single daily dashboard. Looking for a senior full-stack engineer.
  • Skills/Experience: 5+ years experience architecting and developing software on a team, energized by the challenge of creating real-time, multiplayer applications, expert in ES2015+, React, GraphQL, and Node, with good linting habits, familiar with building distributed systems and micro services, eager to give back to the open-source community and share knowledge and excited to create and launch useful tools for the Future of Work



Senior Frontend Engineer at Mozilla

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: Your role at Mozilla is to prototype and develop front-end code across tools.
  • Skills/Experience: At least three years of professional experience in front-end web development, a solid portfolio of web projects, interest in modern web technologies, fluency in HTML/CSS/JS. Rapidly conceive, visualize and iterate design solutions in a collaborative environment, the ability to translate wireframes, style guides and design direction into polished, production ready visual experiences, experience with front end development for Python/Django based projects and CMS and experience translating designs from InVision and Sketch into working code.

iOS Developer (Swift) Europe at Purepoint

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: The mobile team of Purepoint is expanding and we are seeking a talented iOS Developer to become part of Purepoint.
  • Skills/Experience: 4+ years iOS experience working on commercial projects, experience working in an Agile team and working harmoniously with others, exceptional written and spoken English, experience working with APIs, competent at using Git, ability to navigate, understand, and reuse large existing code bases, experience working with complex server-side design, and experience in using tools such as Jira and Trello.


Fullstack React Developer at ProPhoto

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: ProPhoto is looking for an experienced full-stack developer with an emphasis on expertise in modern javascript: specifically React, Redux, Flow, and Webpack.
  • Skills/Experience: Have solid experience tackling complex problems with thoughtful, elegant, tested, understandable code, have built non-trivial apps using modern javascript techniques and frameworks, particularly ES6/Babel/React/Redux/Webpack/Flow, have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and good UI/UX, have a thorough understanding of both functional and object-oriented paradigms for back-end development, including some serious experience with a back-end language (PHP is preferable, but not required), and Fluent in English, spoken and written.


Remote and Freelance Blogging / Writing Jobs


Freelance Writers at Zapier

  • Job Type: Freelance
  • Job description: Zapier is looking for long-form write-ups (2,500 or more words), such as tutorials and guides centered on apps used by professionals.
  • Skills/Experience: Experienced in trying out the latest apps to get work done, always on the lookout for tips and tricks that will help you be more productive, and proven writing experience and a knack for talking about complicated topics so even beginners can understand them.


Real Estate & Lifestyle Blog Writer at Zolo

  • Job Type: Freelance
  • Job description: Zolo is looking for a content writer with experience in writing blogs about real estate, homes, decor and on any topic homeowner or renter related.
  • Skills/Experience: You are familiar with Canadian housing and mortgage markets, but for many pieces, this isn’t mandatory, you should be comfortable with researching your topic, providing images that correspond to your topic and writing and be able to write in a blog style that meets with best practices when it comes to readability and usability, and you should also be familiar with content marketing powerhouses like Backlinko, Neil Patel, Unbounce or similar sites.


Technical Content Writer/Researcher at Sodo

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: Sodo is looking for a new member of their team to help them build out the content side of Team SODO.
  • Skills/Experience: Strong technical foundation, and the ability to turn Software Engineer into English Words, great writing chops, including incredible attention to detail, distinctive voice, and the ability to write in different formats, knowledge of SEO and related web content best practices, ability to work independently and figure out which problem to prioritize or task to do if someone isn’t around to delegate, and a fierce and unwavering commitment to the Oxford comma.

Freelance Copy Editor at Blink UX

  • Job Type: Freelance
  • Job description: Blink UX is looking for a freelance copy editor to work on an as-needed basis.
  • Skills/Experience: Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field (Journalism, English, Communications) and several years of experience as a copy editor is preferred, demonstrated ability to edit, revise, or rewrite content, eye for detail and a meticulous approach to work, familiarity with tech writing and tech industry and knowledge of user experience preferred, ability to meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality, ability to prioritize tasks effectively.

Marketing Automation Blogger at Fluxe Digital

  • Job Type: Freelance
  • Job description: Fluxe Digital is looking for a talented blogger to write high-quality educational blog posts on topics related to digital marketing.
  • Skills/Experience: Able to turn around 4 blog posts in 5 business days, excellent writing, grammar, proofreading, and formatting; Must have perfect English, ability to talk on Skype if needed, and strong knowledge of and interest in marketing automation, content marketing, and WordPress.



Technical Writer at Twilio

  • Job Type: Freelance
  • Job description: We need a technical writer as Twilio’s Technical Support documentation is often the first interaction customers have with Twilio Customer Support.
  • Skills/Experience: 5+ years experience writing and developing customer facing technical content, strong understanding of content’s role in self-service, you know what ‘content is king’ means, you love to root out knowledge gaps that will benefit the customer and team members alike, you can explain incredibly complex issues succinctly and simply that engineers and non-technical people can grasp, the desire to deliver positive customer experiences by identifying their problems and guiding them through complex technical solutions, excellent reading comprehension, listening, and writing skills, you are driven to produce consistent, world class content for customers and employees, you have experience localizing and maintaining content in multiple languages.


Contract Copy Editor at SnapChat

  • Job Type: Freelance
  • Job description: Snapchat is searching for a Copy Editor to cover evening and weekend shifts when they are creating their Stories!
  • Skills/Experience: Bachelor’s degree in relevant field, 2+ years experience in print or digital media, strong writing and editing skills, expert eye for proofreading, spelling, and grammar, excellent written communication skills and a sharp attention to detail, someone who’s willing to break with conventional/tiresome writing standards when appropriate, someone who’s extremely organized and who works well under tight deadlines and breaking news pressure, someone who’s up to date on pop culture, internet trends, and current events, and a passion for Snapchat and creativity.



Remote and Freelance Customer Support & Marketing Jobs

PPC – Adwords Account Manager at 51Blocks

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: We are looking for an excellent communicator and AdWords expert that can grow new client accounts.
  • Skills/Experience: Proficient ad copy writing skills, deep knowledge in ad group/keyword structure, negative keywords, keyword match-types, A/B testing various landing pages, meeting daily/monthly budgets and not exceeding budget, conversion tracking, expert knowledge in keyword research, competitor research, ad extensions and essentially having an understanding of every functionality in Adwords.


SEO Strategist at Clevertech

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: Clevertech is looking for an exceptional SEO/SEM Strategist to join our worldwide team.
  • Skills/Experience: The ideal candidate for this role will have over 3 years of experience working with clients to define key pain points, with a strong background in a number of analytics tools and practices, good with content review and management, reporting and analysis are strong points, having formal education in Marketing is an asset, as well as a fundamental understanding of the tech world.


Marketing Manager at Harvest

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: Harvest marketing team’s mission is clear: get more people around the world to experience Harvest. Join them today if you’re someone who can work on their mission.
  • Skills/Experience: You’re a practiced growth marketer and have experience experimenting with new and creative ways of attracting potential customers. Experienced in working with the SaaS or B2B space and have shown an ability to market to all parts of the funnel, great writer who can effectively and creatively communicate Harvest’s value to potential customers across a variety of formats, from short ad text to long-form content, and an excellent project manager who can be counted on to get initiatives both large and small across the finish line.


Customer Success Specialist at TaxJar

  • Job Type: Remote
  • Job description: TaxJar has an immediate opening for a hungry, highly-experienced, highly-detail-oriented Customer Success Specialist
  • Skills/Experience: Approaches success from the customer’s point of view, enjoys teaching, extremely patient…sales tax can be painful and our goal is to ease that pain :-), highly-skilled in written and verbal communications, able to explain complex concepts in easy to understand language, interested in understanding the ins-and-outs of sales tax, attentive to details, both in communication and in explaining how TaxJar works, has prior experience or interest in eCommerce and comfortable working with technology and providing technical support.


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