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Freelance Articles

Find Freelance Work

In this article, Becky shares top 5 ways to find freelance opportunities with the growing competition within the freelance industry.

7 No B.S. Tips for Getting Freelance Writing Works

Most people think that freelance writing is not a career and it merely for fun and does not offer any lucrative return. If you’re serious about changing your freelance writing career and keep finding new freelance writing gigs, this article is for you.

8 Freelance Skills Which Are High In Demand

The growth of internet and communication tools has made freelancing an easy option for people who wants to quit their day job. With the phenomenal growth of freelancers over the decade, the freelance industry has become competitive. However, these 8 freelance skills are high in demand now. If you want to stand out from the crowd, make sure to have few of these skills.

30 Free In-Person Networking Opportunities for Freelance Writers

In-person networking opportunities can help freelance writers to find a huge number of freelance writing clients. Are you taking advantage of this networking method yet? Take a look at the 30 Free In-Person networking opportunities that can help you connect with more clients and prospects.

Don’t Feel Guilty, Freelancers: 4 Reasons to Love Coffee Shops

As a freelance writer, you have the freedom to work from anywhere you want. But the real dilemma is: Why coffee shops became an ideal place for freelance writers to get their job done? Check out the top four reasons why freelance writers like to craft their articles in coffee shops.

Ultimate Guide for Hiring Freelance Developers

Understanding how freelance developers are hired will help developers to prepare themselves as the right candidate. In this article, Codementor list down the important criteria to be taken into consideration when hiring freelance developers.

How I Launched My Freelance Writing Gig

Kristen shares her story on how she made a career out of freelance writing. Everyone encounter difficulties when they start on something. Learn how Kristen made profits in her very first week after becoming a full-time freelance writer.

Presenting the Freelance Writer’s Rebuttal Guide

Most freelance writers are paid peanuts for their good writing skills. This is because these freelance writers just accept whatever the clients pay. How long you want to get paid so little. In this article, Matt Wallace indicates how freelance writers should position themselves in the freelance market to get paid what they are actually worth for.

Top 14 Successful Non-Native Freelance Writers

Most non-native writers give up on their passion of being a freelance writer. This is because they have a misconception that potential clients will not hire them as there are thousands of native English writers out there. These fourteen-successful non-native freelance writers achieve success in the freelance writing niche due to their sheer passion for writing. Do you have any excuses now?

5 Pieces of Job Interview Advice That Can Help You Land Freelance Clients

You don’t have to start over completely to succeed in landing freelance clients. With the experience obtained attending various job interviews, just repurpose those interview preps to get high paying freelance gigs. Take a look at these top five job interview advice to dominate your freelance career.

5 Important Business Goals to Hit in Your First 2 Years of Freelancing

Freelancing contributes to greater changes in one’s life. It will help you earn more money, work from anywhere you want and of course be your own boss. With the right system and goals, anyone can succeed realizing their freelancing dream. Check out the five important goals you should remember and follow.

7 Tips to Enhance Freelance Profitability

If you’re serious about making money with your freelancing skills, you have to focus on few important elements. Enhancing the profitability of a freelance business is essential to avoid unwanted financial issues. These seven tips will help you enhance the profitability of freelance businesses.

Remote Articles

3 Companies Putting Remote Workers in Surprising Roles

As the remote working culture is on the rise, many surprising remote jobs offered by companies. These three companies are putting remote workers in totally awesome roles.

Do Remote Working Actually… Work?

Most companies assume that offering remote jobs might disrupt the morale and demotivate people with their productivity. However, some companies argue that there is an increase in productivity level when employees are given the opportunity to work remotely. Find out why remote working is better than in-office working.

The Best Remote Working Apps for Teams & Time Tracking

With the huge benefits offered by remote working for workers and businesses, the right tools and apps will further enhance the productivity within the remote working culture. Whether you’re already working remotely or looking to dive into remote working culture these apps and time tracking tools will help you stay organized.

Remote Jobs: The 10 Best Careers for Working from Anywhere

With more than 83% of employees work remotely at least occasionally, the traditional working culture is rapidly changing. Most people prefer to work remotely today as it offers many benefits. Take a look at the top ten best job for working from anywhere.

How to Manage Office Supplies for Remote Workers

It’s important for remote workers to have necessary tools and equipment to work effectively with their daily task. Companies going remote are focusing on providing various benefits including stipend, reimbursement and more. This will encourage remote workers to be more productive and efficient.

Little Things That Makes Us Better at Remote Work

Serken Tarek, Product Expert at Hipo shares his experience on how their team been actively working remotely. He also added how the communication tools are helping them to increase their productivity.

The Benefits of Remote Work Save Everyone Money

One of the great benefits remote working offers the employer and the employee will the saving money. The employer will save money by reducing workspaces and remote workers will save money on commutes. Check out the financial benefits of remote work and convince your employers to consider a remote working option.

25 Companies You Can Work for Remotely

The dream of every employee is to have the flexibility to work from anywhere they want.  The increase of remote working opportunities has created more positive vibes within the job market. Start your remote job search from these twenty-five companies.

Looking to Work from Home? These Top Tech Firms Are Hiring for These Remote Jobs

The top tech companies are quickly shifting their working culture. They are offering flexible work options with great benefits. These top tech companies are revolutionizing the job market by actively hiring remote workers. If you’re eagerly looking for a tech-related remote jobs, start your search from here.

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