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Top Sites for Finding Remote Job Opportunities

Written by Naven

Want to work from anywhere you want?

According to Virgin Media Business survey, it was predicted that 60% of the workforce could be working from home. In another study by Guardian shows that one-third of employees think that by 2036, the daily 9 to 5 jobs will be a thing of the past.

Are you struggling to find the right remote job? Do you want to skip driving to your office, bring your laptop and smartphone, and work from anywhere and anytime you want?

Remote working is being practiced by many companies. Forward thinking companies are hiring remote workers as they will have a global pool of talent. Moreover, companies agree that implementing remote working culture increased their employee’s performance and productivity.

If you want to work remotely, check out this list of top sites for finding remote jobs.


1.We Work Remotely

One of the top job site when we talk about remote jobs. This is the best place to find top-notch remote jobs. The site was developed by 37signals who launched a book, Remote. You can find remote jobs from some of the top tech companies like Automattic, HotJar, Invision and more.


Twitter: @weworkremotely

Facebook: weworkremotely


2. RemoteOk

One of our favorite remote jobs syndication site. The job site features remote job opportunities published on top remote job sites. The jobs are categorized with tags which allow people to easily filter their preferred jobs. You can find various tech and non-tech jobs from this site.


Twitter: @remote_ok

Facebook: remoteok


3. FlexJobs

Don’t tell me you’ve never heard about Flexjobs? Compared to other remote job sites, FlexJobs provide a different range of jobs from remote to full-time. Currently, the site is hosting more than 30k jobs and the numbers are increasing. Whether you’re searching for freelance jobs or work from home jobs, FlexJobs have them all.

Note* You will be required to pay membership fees when you want to apply for a job


Twitter: @flexjobs

Facebook: flexjobs


4. Working Nomads

Want to get a personalized curated list of remote jobs to your inbox? Check out Working Nomads. You can easily choose whether to receive daily or weekly remote jobs alert. Subscribe to their email list if you don’t want to scroll the job site and find your suitable remote jobs.


Twitter: @workingnomads




One of the pioneer remote jobs curation site. The best part of the site is that they carefully hand-curate the jobs posted on their site. Their site includes non-tech jobs like customer service, Human resource, business management and more. You can easily browse the jobs by searching with keywords.


Twitter: @remote_co



6. Remotive

If you don’t want to clutter your inbox with job alerts, subscribe to Remotive’s bi-monthly newsletter where high-quality remote jobs delivered to you. Their newsletter is broken down by type of jobs to provide easier access to remote job seekers like you to find the right job.


Twitter: @remotiveio

Facebook: remotive


7. offers remote technology related jobs. They are more focused on publishing remote jobs related to programming, software development, system development, product design, and more. You can even check out the list of companies offering remote jobs here.



Twitter: @wfhio

Facebook: WFHio


8. JobsPresso

Unlike other remote job sites, JobsPresso not only curated top notch remote jobs but also allows you to submit your resume. Your resume will be viewed by potential employers. JobsPresso helps both companies and remote workers to utilize their website to the highest potential.


Twitter: @jobspresso


9. JobScribe

Looking for daily, weekly, or monthly email of remote job opportunities at tech startups? You can easily choose the type of jobs to receive directly to your email. The job alert will be sent to you every morning if you opted daily frequency.


Twitter: @jobscribe

Facebook: jobscribe


10. Virtual Vocations

This job board was founded by a stay-at-home mom who was frustrated with spammy remote job offers. The job site offers non-traditional remote jobs like technical writing, accounting, legal, and more. The job site also offers outstanding tips related to remote working and working from home topics.


Twitter: @virtualvocations

Facebook: virtualvocations


11. Skip the Drive

We seriously like the name of this job site. They just get straight to the mind of people suggesting to skip driving. Despite offering high-quality remote jobs, the site offers great resources related to remote working. As a job seeker, you don’t need to register or provide any personal information to apply for the jobs listed on the site.


Twitter: @skipthedrive

Facebook: SkipTheDrive


12. Outsourcely

A matching job site that pairs employers with talented remote workers. You can work full-time or part-time as a remote worker. There are many jobs available ranging from customer service to developer. But, you will be required to register as a member to look at the job offers.


Twitter: @outsourcely

Facebook: Outsourcely


13. HubStaff Talent

HubStaff is a time tracking tool for remote workers. However, they do have HubStaff talent section which allows employers to post remote jobs. As a candidate, you can create a hub talent profile and apply for the advertised jobs. The best part, everything is free and HubStaff does not take any money as a commission or whatsoever.


Twitter: @hubstaff

Facebook: Hubstaff


14. Authentic Jobs

Job matching site developed in 2005. Although the job site is not focused on remote job postings, there are hundreds of remote jobs published. Some of the top companies like, Apple, and even Facebook use Authentic Jobs to find potential employees. Give a try and you might end up landing job at a top tech company.


Twitter: @authenticjobs

Facebook: Authenticjobs


15. EuropeRemotely

Are you based in Europe? Looking for remote jobs within Europe time zone? You should visit EuropeRemotely, remote job site dedicated to remote workers from Europe.  Most of the companies posting their jobs on this site looking for remote workers from European region though some of them more than happy to accept anyone talented from other parts of the world.


Twitter: @EuropeRemotely


16. is a new remote jobs curation site focused on matching candidates with remote-friendly employers from all around the world. They focus on four different types of remote jobs which are programming, design, marketing, and copywriting.


Twitter: @remotedotjobs



17. Remote Workhub

This job site offers expertly curated remote jobs which are updated daily. If you want to acquire the skills required to land remote jobs, Remote Workhub is offering online courses. There is a huge list of resources for remote workers that offer tools and apps that help to increase remote working performance.


Twitter: @remoteworkhub

Facebook: Remote WorkHub


18. Stack Overflow Talent

One of the best tech job board on the Internet. Most of the developers look for jobs at this site. Although there are many job options available, you can easily search for remote jobs as most tech companies are looking for remote workers.

Website: http://www/

Twitter: @stacktalent

Facebook: Stack Overflow Talent



Huge database of remote workers with various skills found on Unlike other remote job sites, this job site offers both remote and freelance jobs. If you want to create flexible career and connect with the remote working company, join today.


Facebook: Remote


20. Jobmote

A remote job curation site developed with Ruby on Rails. The site searches for thousands of remote jobs around the web and publishes it on their job board. Although it does not provide any other unique features, it’s still worth checking on this remote job board to get updated with new remote job opportunities.


Twitter: @jobmote

Facebook: Jobmote


21. The Muse

All-in-all job site with such a cool interface with unlimited resources to career development. The Muse offers the users to navigate to the job listings easily. There are more than 80,000 jobs available at The Muse and remote jobs are available as well. Moreover, they also offer courses and valuable tips to enhance your career.


Twitter: @dailymuse

Facebook: The Muse


22. Toptal

An exclusive network of the best freelancers and remote workers from various background. Top companies like Airbnb, Emirates, J.P Morgan hires talented remote workers and freelancers through Toptal. You can easily apply as a freelancer and get the opportunity to work with top companies in the world remotely.


Twitter: @toptal

Facebook: Toptal


23. Remotebase

A huge database of remote companies and jobs developed by Sun Won Cho. There are more than 500 companies listed on this site. You can easily check the overview of the company and their current job opportunities. Make sure to bookmark this site if you’re always looking for remote working opportunities.


Twitter: @remotebase

Facebook: Remotebaseio


24. PowertoFly

The site was launched by Milena Berry and Katharine Zaleshki which focused on connecting startups and Fortune 500 companies with women employees. A matching job site that focuses on the empowerment of female engineers. The site offers various jobs and remote jobs are one of them. Hundreds of remote jobs published at PowertoFly every month.


Twitter: @powertofly

Facebook: powertofly


25. AngelList

There are so many of you eagerly looking forward to working with a startup. You want to be one of the pioneers to help the startup grow. Just browse through AngelList and click on their job section. You will come across thousands of job opportunities and currently, there are 7,342 startups looking for remote workers for various roles.


Twitter: @angellist

Facebook: AngelList


26. Freelancewave

Duh! How can we miss our own job site? Freelance carefully hand-curates top remote and freelance jobs. Founded by Naven Pillai for his passion for remote working. Other than remote job opportunities, you can find weekly remote and freelance job roundups, weekly roundup on top remote working articles and resources for remote workers.


Twitter: @freelancewave

Facebook: Freelancewave

What do you think about these remote jobs sites?

Are there any other remote job sites we’ve missed?

Please share them by commenting below.


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