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Remote Working Articles

Remote Work Still Works, If It’s Managed Correctly

Employers and employees can cut cost on so many things while increasing the level of productivity. However, some of the companies get their employees back to their office due to the lack of innovation and teamwork. However, companies like Automattic and Zapier are embracing remote working culture while increasing their organization’s growth and employees’ productivity. In this article, learn how managing remote teams correctly can make remote working work.


The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work (Infographic)

Recently the employment and career trend is moving towards remote working. Ever wondered why companies are shifting to remote work? In this infographic, you can learn the exact reasons for the rise of remote working culture and the important things you should know if you want to work remotely.


7 Things Nobody Tells You About Working Remotely

You would have come across hundreds of articles about the freedom and flexibility an individual gain when he or she lands a remote job. Sometimes everything you read might sound too good to be true. In this article by Dan Shewan from WordStream, find out the 7 important things nobody tells you about working remotely.


Infographic: 7 Remote Work Trends for 2017

Although remote working culture been here for years, the trends of remote working are changing. In this infographic, you will discover the seven important remote work trends for 2017.


Remote Work Can Be Isolating – What Management Can Do to Help

With the increase in remote working opportunities, people are getting isolated where the only thing you see is either your laptop or computer screen. Although some of you might be working at the coffee shop or co-working space, still the interaction with others will be minimal. In this article, learn how a remote company management can keep their remote team engaged and productive at all time.


Why Total Bans on Remote Work Don’t Remotely Work

Employees are going crazy due to two extreme employment trends. Some companies are forcing employees back to the office. On the other hand, some companies are going fully remote. In this article, the author Mike Elgan explains the pros and cons of remote working. Moreover, he also adds on why it is better to encourage remote working culture.


Why I Chose to Build a Fully Remote Company Before It Was Cool

The CEO of Articulate, Adam Schwartz shares his experience in building a fully remote company. Although the remote team was created unintentionally, he agreed that there were huge benefits working remotely. You can understand the real reasons for Articulate’s remote working success in this article.


Most Productive Locations for Remote Work

Most companies are encouraging their employees to work remotely to increase their productivity level while providing flexibility to work. Upwork asked their Facebook community on which place will allow them to be more productive. Although some preferred typical office setup, the majority of them have different preferences. In this article, you can check out the most preferred remote working location to increase productivity shared by real freelancers and remote workers.


The Complete Guide to Working on A Remote Team

Working with a remote team is not an easy task. You need to increase your productivity, manage your work-life balance and ensure the happiness of team. Mistakes often occur when you’re adapting to the remote working culture. Learn how to avoid these mistakes and learn the best practices to work effectively on a remote team.


Why WordPress’s Parent Doubled Down on Remote Work as Giants Like IBM Call Employees Back

The recent news of Automattic, WordPress’s parent company of shutting down their San Francisco office because all their employees are working remotely was a surprising headline. In one of the Stack Overflow Podcast, Matt Mullenweg mentioned that there were only five of his 563 employees came into the office on regular basis. In this article, you will learn the exact reasons for Automattic to go fully remote.


Five Ways to Stay Motivated When Working Alone

Working remote means working alone, though you can work from a coffee shop or co-working space. However, you will be working alone on the assigned tasks with minimal to no communication with others. In such situation, it is important to keep yourself on track. In this article, learn how you can stay motivated while working alone.


Benefits of Working from Home for Businesses

You can’t stop hearing the term “remote working”. Everyone’s talking about it. Thanks to the great improvement in technology which offers unlimited internet connectivity, cloud storage options, and other great tools. However, there are a huge number of companies still assume that working traditionally is here to stay and remote working is just a passing fad. In this article, find out the common myths of remote working and the benefits of working from home.


Freelance Articles


Is Freelancing Better or Worse for Your Mental Health Than Working in An Office?

A study by Office of National Statistics shows that almost 5 million people are self-employed where a majority of them are freelancers. Moving away from the traditional working environment to working by your own gives flexibility and great benefits. But is there any impact on the mental health? There are mix reviews. In this article, Nicola Slawson shares her experience in handling her mental health while working as a freelance journalist.


How Tech Freelancing Can Help You Get Through College

College students often struggle financially and end up supplementing their studies with part-time jobs. However, students pursuing tech studies have great opportunity to earn through freelancing gigs. In this article, you can find real life examples of tech students who succeed in earning extra money with freelance gigs.


This is Why You Need to Start Freelancing in College

College is a great place to get as much experience as possible. You will have more time to get experience compared to the moment you get employed by a company. In this article, Cole Nemeth from She Monster Media shares her experience in starting her freelance career while pursuing her studies.


9 Reason Now Is the Best Time to Start Freelancing (Even If You Didn’t Get Fired)

Everyone has their burn out point when working for someone. Some decide to continue working due to their financial commitments. In this article, you can find out the right reasons to decide that now is the best time to start freelancing.


How to Market Your Freelance Translation Business in One Hour Daily

You might be extremely good with translating an article from one language to another. However, the freelance translation industry is becoming more and more competitive. It is a must to market your service today to stand out from the crowd. In this article learn how to market your freelance translation business by allocating one hour daily.


Freelance Is Not Free! Here’s How Freelancers Can Protect Themselves from Being Exploited

Money is valuable for everyone. We often hear how freelancers are struggling to get the money for their efforts. Most of the time they get their payments stalled or the amount paid is lesser. In certain scenarios, some clients decide not to pay at all. In this article, you can learn how you can protect yourself as a freelancer from being exploited.


5 Essential Elements to Include in Your First Email to New Freelance Prospects

First impression matters in most cases and freelancing is no exception. When you’re approaching a potential freelance client through email, you need to make the most of your initial email. If anything goes very wrong with your first email, the chances to acquire the specific clients becomes zero. In this article, you will find out the five most significant elements you should include in every pitch.


5 Reasons Why Freelancers MUST Promote Their Gigs (and What Happens When They Don’t)

If you want to be successful with your freelancing career, you must continuously promote your gigs. The competition in the freelancing industry is inevitable. New freelancers are surfacing in every industry with the rapid growth of technology. In this article, you can learn the exact reasons on why you should promote your freelance gigs and what happens if you don’t.


7 Quick Tips to Set You on The Road to Freelance Writing Success

Success is a desire every human wants to achieve. Like any other business or job, the success with freelance writing comes with the right system, patience, and consistency. In this article, you can enhance further your freelance writing success with these quick tips.


How to go on Holiday when you freelance, without damaging your business

Everyone jumping into freelancing career to have flexibility in working hours and to take time off whenever they want. If you can set-up your freelance business the right way with good clients and strong freelance working system, you can easily earn money while going on long holidays. If you want to learn how to holiday without damaging your freelance business, make sure to read this article.


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