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Weekly Remote Working and Freelancing Articles Roundup #1

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Freelance Articles


Why Some CEO’s aren’t buying the Freelance Economy Hype

As the freelancing workforce increasing globally, it’ expected that 40% of United States workforce will be freelance workers. Although this hype is on the rise, some CEOs are more comfortable with a traditional workforce. Get to know why these CEOs still preferred full-time workforce.


A 5-Step Guide to Setting Your Freelance Rates Perfectly

Ever wondered whether you’re charging the right price for your freelance gigs? As a freelancer, you want to offer the best value to your clients, but you want to grow your freelance business as well. Learn how to set perfect freelance rates to benefit both parties.


How to Go Freelance: Need-to-know Advice from Creatives who made it


Going freelance after completing your university life might sound daunting especially in the creative industry. Some of the top creatives developed a solid career in the freelance industry. You can learn how to create a momentum to kick start a perfect freelance career with tips and advice from top creatives.


Freelance Isn’t Free Act Now in Effect – Brings New Protections for Freelancers

Freelancing career has become competitive. As a freelancer, you will be forced to search for more and more freelancing gigs. Although freelancers have the flexibility to set their own schedules and choose clients, the only issue concerned the most will be the lack of payment. New protections have been introduced legally to protect freelancers. Check it out more in detail in this article.


5 Reasons Hiring Freelance Writers is Worth the Money

Business owners often have a dilemma on whether to hire an in-house writer or freelance writer. There are huge advantages in hiring freelance writers which will provide worth for every penny spent. You will have the freedom to choose the right freelance writer who can take your content in front of potential customers. These five reasons will convince you that hiring freelance writers is ideal to achieve good ROI.


Exclusive Interview with Successful Freelance Writer and Internet Marketer – Walter Akolo

If you want to get inspired by a freelance writer cum Internet marketer, make sure to check out this interview with Walter Akolo. An aspiring Kenyan writer who is making his living as a freelance writer.


Why You Don’t Want to Raise Your Rate, and Why You’re Wrong

Most freelancers are skeptical about increasing their rates for the offered services. They are compromised on charging low rates as long the clients stay with them. Learn why you’re doing wrong by not increasing your rate and why you should change that now.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Freelancing as a Students

Students have great opportunity to work as freelancers while doing their degrees especially the ones related to the creative industry. There are few do’s and don’ts you should know to take the right steps in doing freelance gigs as a student.


Some Reasons Why Freelancing Is Not the Best Decision for Everyone

Most people dream of having a freelance career. You will have the flexibility to work anytime from anywhere. Moreover, you have the freedom to choose whom you want to work for. Freelancing might be daunting but is not suitable for everyone. This article doesn’t want to discourage you from pursuing a freelance career, but to understand the reasons why freelancing might not work for you.


How to Effectively Deal with The Strain of Freelancing

Freelancing offers many benefits. Although there are advantages working as a freelancer, there are downsides as well. As habits are hard to change sometimes, procrastination creates huge problem, in freelance career. Learn how to effectively deal the downsides of freelancing lifestyle.


Remote Working Articles


25+ Fully Remote Companies That Let You Work from Home

The technology growth has created powerful tools and apps that allow anyone to work from anywhere they want. There are many companies in the process of going fully remote. More the twenty-five 100% remote companies are listed in this article.


How the Crackdown on Foreign Work Visas Could Affect Remote Work

There are huge debates going on politically about foreign workforce, immigrations, borders and walls. Working in a foreign country is becoming more complicated. However, the technology advancement has made the global workforce less complicated. Learn how the crackdown on foreign working visas could affect the remote work.


Why I Stopped Traveling While Working remotely in South America

An awesome article by Nazaret Ramirez Mendez. He shares his experience in working remotely traveling around the world. He explains on why he decided to stop traveling and work remotely from South America.


Pros and Cons of Working Remotely

There are always pros and cons in everything. Same goes to remote working. Although the pros are often preached by remote companies who succeed in increasing their employee’s productivity, the negative part of remote working still exist. Find out whether remote working is an ideal choice for you.


Managing Remote Employees: 6 Tips for Working Together Even Time Zones Apart

Managing a team of employees is not an easy task. Imagine managing team of remote workers from a different part of the world. Companies often have questions on how to manage a team of remote workers. These six tips will help you manage your remote team effectively.


Should You Consider Remote Working?

No rushing to work, no commuting, work wherever and whenever you want. Sounds like dream come true. Every month at least one company is going fully remote as it benefits both employers and employees. This article will help you decide whether remote working is suitable for you.


5 Lessons I’ve Learned While Working Remotely from 22 countries

An exciting remote working experience shared by Dunja Lazic from Toggl. She just made her 2-year working anniversary at Toggl and worked remotely from 22 different countries. Get inspired with her experience in traveling different countries while working remotely.


15 Remote Jobs for Executives

The common remote jobs opportunities are available for developers, designers, writers and digital marketers. But today, remote working has evolved and allows top level managers like CEO, CFO, and CTO to work remotely. Take a look at the fifteen remote jobs for executives here.


5 Success Tips for Working Remotely

Every time when you hear someone is working remotely, you wish you could do the same. The most important criteria to work remotely will be self-disciplined and organized. Working from home or a coffee shop might sound cool but it can distract and affect your productivity. Learn how to be successful working remotely with these five highly effective tips.


Working from Home Productivity Hacks That Actually Work

Do you think you’re more productive working from home? If you’re staying alone it would never be an issue. If you’re staying with your family or even pets, there are high possibilities for you to get distracted and damage your productivity level. These productivity hacks will help you avoid productivity issues while working from home.


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