Do you like working on short-form content? Stories that immediately draw readers in and keep them wanting more? Want to work on content that will be seen by thousands if not millions of readers? You just might enjoy working with us then. You’ll be pitching short stories and the ones that we green light you’ll blow out into digital books, consumed one chapter at a time.

Your Responsibilities/Skills

  • Ideation: Generate quick story seeds that can be fleshed out
  • Dialog: Create engrossing dialog, written for a variety of characters
  • You must understand and consume digital storytelling
  • 5+ years of professional writing experience
  • Ability to elicit player emotion and express complex topics in concise language
  • Ability to write punchy and engrossing dialog in different voices
  • Bonus points for playwriting, comic book or episodic television experience and ability to write for the camera/stage
  • You MUST have shipped at least 1 title (television, film, play, game, etc)

Please send us ONE pdf with resume + cover letter. No writing samples and word docs. Make sure to

  • Highlight credited titles,
  • Genre preferences, and
  • If you’re interested in linear or interactive storytelling (we will offer both opportunities)