We’re currently looking for an engineer to join the Postmark team. Postmark is a SaaS app that makes it easy for other web apps and businesses to send and receive transactional emails. We have an API that customers use to send email using REST calls. Postmark also supports traditional email sending through SMTP.

What’s it like to work on Postmark

A Postmark backend engineer will primarily write C# code to improve and enhance the API and backend services. Depending on the situation, that might also involve working with and modifying our customer-facing web app written in Ruby on Rails. You will use/improve/scale out our infrastructure software which currently consists of MySQL, RabbitMQ, and Elasticsearch.

A Postmark engineer is responsible for their tasks, breaking them up into manageable bits with an emphasis on deployability and backward compatibility, communicating technical decisions to the engineering team, and communicating timelines and customer impact to the product manager.

A Postmark engineer is responsible for the health of our production system. You’ll be part of an on-call schedule. You’ll help mitigate abuse of the system by spammers or overzealous customers. You’ll scale out hardware, optimize code and queries, and make changes to improve reliability.

How interviews typically go

  • A few short written questions to gauge technical skill and written communication. (We don’t believe in on-the-spot whiteboard coding.)
  • A small C# coding project to gauge C# proficiency and breaking down a larger task.
  • Technical interview with members of the engineering team for to you to share your experience and for us to share what the day to day job is like.
  • Interview with our CEO Natalie and CTO Chris.


You may be a fit for this role if you:

  • Have experience building APIs.
  • Write code using C# and are familiar with the.NET ecosystem.
  • Write code using Ruby and are familiar with the Rails ecosystem.
  • Have experience with configuration management tools like Ansible.
  • Have experience working with and maintaining servers using Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Have experience working with and maintaining a message queueing system like RabbitMQ.
  • Have experience working with and maintaining a SQL database like MySQL.
  • Have experience working with and maintaining a document/NoSQL database like Elasticsearch.
  • Are familiar with email specific topics, such as SMTP, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, etc.

You might work on:

  • Building an entirely new feature like email templates.
  • Adding logging/metrics to gain more observability into the system.
  • Creating and configuring new servers to handle the additional load.
  • Figuring out what is the right index to add to make a query faster.
  • Improving internal tools and interfaces to make your coworkers lives better.
  • Helping a customer debug why their emails aren’t sending correctly.
  • Handling production outages.


  • Remote-first culture with half the team in Philly and half the team working remotely from all over the world
  • Chef-prepared family lunches (in Philly office)
  • Full health benefits (100% paid for employee and spouse/dependents)
  • Company-paid retreats
  • Computer setup of your choice renewed every 2 years
  • 25 paid days off per year
  • Quarterly profit sharing
  • Attend conferences
  • 40 hour work week with flexible hours (4-day, 32 hour weeks currently this summer)