At Team SODO, we get teams shipping on day one. While our devs are building out SODO, our core product that makes engineers’ lives about a million times better (although who’s counting, amirite?), we’re also creating a robust content ecosystem for all high-performing tech teams.

We’re looking for a new member of our team to help us build out the content side of Team SODO. This will include writing, researching, and assisting formulating and maintaining an editorial calendar for all content-driven projects and resources. You’ll be an essential partner to our CGO for our newsletter and blog, plus another coming-soon component of our mission.

It’s a really big deal for this position—did we say really?—that you can get in the weeds with the technical stuff. That not quite the same as having written about tech before—we’re talking about the ability to annotate a command line screenshot, explain the concepts of source control, walk through an architecture diagram, and make paragraphs of text from an API spec. Oh, and while you’re at it, you may as well make it all thrilling with voice and give it an SEO edge, too!

Team SODO’s office is located in Seattle, and our CGO is in New York. However, since we’re looking for a pretty specific skill set, the position can be filled remotely. If you think you’re our person, apply.

Qualification and Skills:

  • Strong technical foundation, and the ability to turn Software Engineer into English Words
  • Great writing chops, including incredible attention to detail, distinctive voice, and the ability to write in different formats
  • Knowledge of SEO and related web content best practices
  • Ability to work independently and figure out which problem to prioritize or task to do if someone isn’t around to delegate
  • A fierce and unwavering commitment to the Oxford comma